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How to stand out? Design principles to the rescue

The average person sees and hears hundreds of advertisements per day, such as billboards, newspapers, fliers and television commercials. People glance at or listen to these advertisements for a single second before moving on with their days. How does one break through the overflow of information and capture the audience’s attention? The answer: Balance, contrast, … Continue reading

Dwindling interest in grammar?

“Copy editors are the very heart of the media organization, supplying the lifeblood for healthy existence and serving as gatekeepers of the news for the public,” says Creative Editing. Without copy editing, we would have countless errors in the media, resulting in potentially severe miscommunications. Yet, what happens when students stop caring about grammar? Sharon … Continue reading

Necessity of online resources for professionals

 In a time where social media has become increasingly prevalent, professionals can now leverage social media to improve their careers. For public relations professionals, it is essential to create an effective online presence to attract prospective employers, as well as to consistently monitor the media to stay current with public relations news. Importance of online … Continue reading

Diversity vital to public relations

Promoting diversity is essential to effectively practicing public relations. Public relations professionals must represent their organizations and clients and communicate with key stakeholders in a way that best responds to their clients’ needs. When public relations practitioners incorporate ideas from people with different backgrounds, they can encompass a wide variety of perspectives. The Society of … Continue reading

Rise of new media pushes corporations to adapt marketing strategies to be more interactive

The rise of new media over recent years has dramatically changed the way people interact with one another, which, in turn, empowers customers to take an active role in corporate marketing. Consumers today are directors on YouTube, retailers on eBay, advertisers on Facebook, and authors on Wikipedia. According to a 2010 study, customers have become … Continue reading